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Guide Page
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The "Guide Page" is an easy introduction to the three things you probably want to do:

  1. Process / file documents in your Inbox
  2. Browse the folders in your file cabinet
  3. Find files using the Find feature

Filing: Easy Yet Powerful
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FileSimple tries to make it really fast and easy to file documents, but gives you plenty of flexibility to organize however you'd like to.

  1. Folder - this is the only required field. If you type a new folder name, it will be created. If you start typing an existing folder name, it will pre-populate and you can select it. You can use the dropdown menu if you'd like, but keep your hands on the keyboard to go a lot faster.
  2. Tags - Optional and you could do all your filing without them. But they can be handy if you want another level of organiztion or meta-data in order to find files. For instance, if you create a "Taxes" tag you can easily pull up all your tax-related documents at once.
  3. Set tags as default for folder - This checkbox allows you to say that any time you select the folder, add the current tags to it. So your "Bank of America" folder might have default tags of "Finance" and "Banking".
  4. Date - You don't have to enter anything here. If you don't, it will set the file date to the scan date. But you can override it if you'd like. Also, FileSimple tries to make your life easy. All these are acceptable: "04/01/2017", "4/1/17", "4/17", "2017", or even "20170417".
  5. File Name - You do NOT have to set a file name. The file name will be created from the folder and date. eg: "20170401_Wells Fargo_0001.pdf". But sometimes you want to give a file a particular name. If you start typing in the text box, it will use your Custom Name.
  6. "file_0003.pdf filed successfully" - This shows the results of your last step, but also gives you a handy way to undo the action in case you made a mistake.
  7. "3 of 7" - This shows you where in your workflow you are. For instance, you might be filing all the documents in the inbox, or stepping through the documents in a folder.
  8. Filename - This shows you the current file you are working on and gives you a button to open in up in your Finder / Windows Explorer.
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The fundamental idea behind FileSimple is to make it super fast and easy to file documents, and then make it easy enough to find documents when you need to. So you don't need to spend a lot of time entering meta-data for each document. If you are a corporation with 1,000,000 documents, maybe that's necessary. If you're a small company or an indivual with hundreds or maybe a few thousand documents, you don't need that.

With Find, you can subset your documents until there are just a few files to look through.

For example:

  1. Find all tax documents for 2017 - Tags = "Taxes"
  2. Find a particular electricity bill - Folder = "PG&E", Date Start = "1/1/2017"
  3. Find your daughter's report cards - Tag = "Sarah"

After you do a Find, hopefully there will only be a handful of files that meet your criteria. Then you can just scroll through them to find the right one. Or click on one and use the detailed view to see the files full sized.

Manage Folders
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As you organize your documents you may want to rename folders, combine two folders, or even delete a folder. No problem.

Manage Tags
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Just like with folders, sometimes you'll want to rename a tag or relabel all the files with one tag with a different one. It's easy.