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Step 1 - Scan

The first step is to scan your documents into your computer. We don't care how they become electronic - they just have to be on your hard drive.

You can use a high performance scanner like the Fujitsu ScanSnap, which can scan 25 double-sided pages per minute. They are FAST. You can use any sort of multi-function printer, like the Canon MX492 with a document feeder. Or you can even use an app on your smartphone, like TinyScan.

Once it's on your computer, FileSimple can help you manage it.

Step 2 - Inbox
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Once your files are scanned, you can see them in your Mac Finder or Windows explorer. These same files are automatically imported into the FileSimple Inbox.

Step 3 - File
File a document
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Now you process your inbox. It's a piece of cake.

For each file you select a folder. If the folder doesn't exist, it creates it. If it already exists, it pulls up any saved tags for the folder. (Here, everything that goes in the "Royal Bank" folder also gets tagged as "finance". But for this document, I've also tagged it as "taxes".)

You push the file button, and the file is stored away. Done!

It takes just a few seconds to file a document, whether the folder exists or not. If you use a few keyboard hotkeys, its even easier. You can skip tags, or skip the date and it all works well. (Dates are auto-filled from the scan date.)

FileSimple makes it really simple to file your documents. And it's fast. Without racing, you can easily file fifty documents in five minutes. Try doing that with a file cabinet, label maker, and hanging folders!

View Folder
Cabinet by Folder
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Now all your documents are stored safely in FileSimple.

You can view them by folder.

View Tags
Cabinet by Tags
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You can view them by tag.

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You can search for documents, by folder, tag, and date range.

No Lock-in
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We think FileSimple is great and we hope you use it for a long time. But if you choose to stop using it, we don't want to stop you.

Many software products try to "lock you in" to future use. They do this by storing your data in their proprietary database. You can stop using their product whenever you want, but your data is stuck in their system. This is particularly insidious with software that makes you pay every month: you start using it and you're stuck paying forever!

We think that's bogus. With FileSimple, we hope you keep using our product because it's so awesome. But if it doesn't work for you, no problem. We've made almost* all the data available right in the file system.

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If you've made it this far in our walk-through, congrats!

If you're still yearning for more information, click here for a few more screens and features.