Beta Program

FileSimple is brand new. We are just releasing our first product and need your help.

While we've tried our best to make sure FileSimple works as expected, software is complicated, and you never really know until it is out there being used by many different people with many different configuations. The way most developers do this is we release our product first to a set of trusted users who are willing to deal with the occasional bug and problem and who will give us feedback on the product. In return, these users get early access to the newest features and get their voices heard when we are planning which features to do next. We'll also give you the product for free.

If this sounds interesting to you, please read on. If not, feel free to wait until our product is out of beta and generally available. You can leave us your contact info and we will get back to you.

Program Requirements

Still interested?

Alright! Sign up and we'll get back to you individually. (We'll need a real email address to get in touch with you.)

Thanks for you your help.

- Ross Rosen (the guy who wrote this product and will be working with you during the beta program)