An electronic
file cabinet
for scanned

FileSimple is like an electronic file cabinet for scanned documents - receipts, bills, taxes, whatever. Corporations have big, elaborate, complex applications for document management. You don’t need that. You need a fast and simple way to take a document and put it where it needs to go. When you need it, you need to be able to find it. That’s pretty much it. That’s what we do.

How it works

  1. Scan your documents and save them into the FileSimple Inbox
  2. Collect a bunch of documents until you’re ready to file them
  3. Open FileSimple. For each document, type a few keys to put it in the right folder

Recycle your old paper documents. Then when you need a document you simply open the proper folder and select what you need.

It’s really that simple.

Who it is for

FileSimple is a great product for people who care about being organized, want to store files electronically, and want to spend as little time filing documents as possible.

FileSimple is not for organizations who have deep regulatory requirements, need complex workflows, or who have teams of people to manage documents. FileSimple is surprisingly powerful, but it’s not for you.

Open system

Most filing systems use proprietary databases of content. Your files are locked in their system. If you ever want to stop using their system (and stop paying for it), good luck!

FileSimple was designed to be open. Your files are stored in the file system. You can find them, open them, preview them, and search for them with the Windows Explorer or the Mac Finder. If you decide you no longer want to use FileSimple, no problem. All your data is right there for you*. And you’ll be in better shape, since all the files are nicely organized and named for you.

Shockingly simple.
Surprisingly powerful.

For the right type of person, FileSimple is really good, if we do say so ourselves. We don’t have a ton of features - intentionally. The ones we do have are simple, easy to learn, and very flexible.

We make it very easy and fast to file a document. The hardest part is turning the document from paper to electronic. But with inexpensive modern scanners and multi-function printers, that’s not hard at all. Once electronic, filing a document takes just a few seconds.

For people who file often and look up infrequently, it’s perfect. We don’t make you do a lot of work to file a document, but the flip side is you might have to spend 30 seconds to find the document you are looking for.

The find process is not hard - you can find all the files in a folder, with certain tags, and in a certain date range. Chances are, that’s just a few files. Then look through them until you find the one you need. It’s like using an actual file cabinet, only much better.

Keyboard optimized

FileSimple works pretty well with your mouse but if you really want to really get efficient, then invest a little time in learning a few keyboard shortcuts. If you use keyboard shortcuts and a decent sized screen that lets you see your whole document at once, you’ll be amazed at how fast and effortless filing your documents will become.

What once was a dreaded task, often procrastinated, becomes a total non-issue. Just the way it should be.

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